Department of Jewish Education
Siris Teacher Resource Center

Siris Teacher Resource Center

A wonderland for Jewish Teachers!

Come in and get to know us.

Located in the Weinberg Jewish Community Campus on the second floor, the “TRC” is a wonderland for Jewish teachers. Make every minute of your classroom time the most effective and impactful  it can be with these aids:



· Ellison ® Die Cut Machines - 400 unique designs just for Jewish teachers

· Laminating & Book Binding Machines

· Worksheet, Activities, Catalogs - reproduce in your own classroom

· Craft Projects Samples - for every  Jewish holiday and all ability levels

· Jewish Music Center - Israeli and Jewish sheet music CDs and Cassettes for every occasion and age                                                   

· Resource Library

· Reproduction services

And now there’s so much more! 

The TRC services are now bigger and more convenient than ever before…updated resources and Circulating Teaching Tools! Posters, masks, maps, costumes, games, puppets and more that you can borrow to use in your classroom NOW!

Click here for a list of our catalogue of resources


For questions, please contact Jackie Sutnick, 856-751-9500 x1235


A wonderland for Jewish Teachers!
Come in and get to know us!