100 Days of Impact: Week 7

JFund allows us to react, engage, and help in times of need. JFund, the fund for Jewish living, is a powerful resource. When you donate to JFund, we hope you truly understand the help you are providing around the world. 


JFund allows us to allocate dollars when and where they are needed. This is especially true in times of crisis. Last summer with the airstrikes in Israel, the Jewish Federation was there to provide respite for families and children caught in the middle. We were able to dip into our funds and find the resources to help. This is also true with the ongoing violence in the Ukraine and in the aftermath of natural disasters. 


Because we have these necessary funds, we can quickly react, engage, and help.


We created JFund, and request a donation over two years, because we want to make sure we are being strategic with our funds. The longer giving period allows us to look into our future and ensure we have enough funds to react in times of need. 


You are the reason we can make this happen and we thank you.