USY on Wheels

United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism
820 Second Avenue, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10017

P: 212.533.7800 x1146
F: 212.353.9439

Three cross country programs for teens currently in grades 8-12:

  • "Classic" USY on Wheels: A six-and-a-half week trip, traveling from coast to coast, with 45 other teenagers, seeing new places and having fun, meaningful experiences (grades 9-11). 
  • Pacific Northwest: A three-week trip that travels the great North American Pacific Northwest and includes a week long Norwegian cruise around Alaska (grades 9-12). 
  • Wheels East: A four-week program that travels up and down the east coast of North America to sites such as Niagara Falls, Disney World, Universal Studios, the CN Tower, and more (grade 8 only).