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This year, the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey celebrates its 100th anniversary. 100 years of caring for those in need, enhancing Jewish life, and ensuring the continuity of a vibrant Jewish community locally, in Israel, and around the world.


From humble beginnings focused on the delivery of food, clothing, and shelter, the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey has grown into a family of agencies dedicated to serving the needs of tens of thousands of Jews and others in South Jersey, Israel, and 70 countries worldwide.


We hope you will join us as we look back on all we have accomplished throughout our history as an organization and look forward to all that we hope to achieve in the future...together.

Celebrate with our family of agencies, synagogues, community organizations, and local businesses. Don’t miss food, games, giveaways, and more!


Special performance by

FedFest100 Community Organizations

Are you a synagogue or non-profit organization interested in joining our FedFest100 celebration? We have opportunities to have a table to promote your organization or provide entertainment during the event! Fill out the interest form from the link below. 

FedFest100 Food Vendors & Trucks

Are you a food truck or food vendor interested in joining us for our FedFest100 celebration? We have opportunities for food vendors that are certified kosher, dairy, or vegan - no meat. 

FedFest100 Vendors

Are you a local business or vendor interested in joining us for our FedFest100 celebration? Join local crafters, artisans, businesses, and merchants who will be promoting their services, selling jewelry, artwork, specialty items, and more at the shuk (market) during the event. 

Thank you to our Federation 100 Community Partners

Support us today for a stronger tomorrow.