Learn how genetics can affect you and your family.

Genetic testing can save lives! Learn about the history of Jewish genetic screening, hereditary risks for genetic conditions and cancer in the Jewish community, and how genetic testing can help ensure your health, and the health of your children and grandchildren. JScreen has taken advantage of innovations in genetic testing technology to give the community access to comprehensive, at-home testing, with tele-health genetic counseling.


The program will include a panel discussion followed by breakouts on either reproductive testing or cancer testing.

Sunday, November 20


Katz JCC
1301 Springdale Road  |  Cherry Hill, NJ 08215


This information can save your life!

Attendees will receive a discount code for a genetic testing kit through JScreen.org.

Questions? Contact Iris Snyder at isnyder@jfedsnj.org


Dr. Robyn G. Roth
Breast Radiologist, Cooper University Hospital

Dr. Kristin L. Brill
Breast Surgeon,
Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center-Jefferson Health

Shari Ungerleider
JScreen Outreach Coordinator/
Tay-Sachs Parent

Jennifer Weiss, MSW
Jewish Federation of Southern NJ

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