Community Shaliach 

Our bridge from South Jersey to Israel.


Each year the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) sends approximately 1,500 Israeli emissaries (schlichim) to communities such as ours to help strengthen local Jewish identity and the connection to Israel


JAFI gives the schilichim the tools for building Israel-education programs for the communities they serve. Our shaliach will help provide a personal connection for us to Israel.

Meet our Shaliach

Arkady Hasidovich came to South Jersey with his wife Vika and two kids, Itamar (5) and Alma (3) in August 2018. Arkady brings with him a wealth of experience in the Jewish communal world, both on a local and national level, focusing on creating living bridges with Israel. 

Arkady’s overarching vision of his position is to interweave Israel and Israelis into the fabric of the South Jersey Jewish community in every possible way. To do so, Arkady will focus on a few areas of impact that are in line with community’s needs:


   - Develop a community-wide Israel Engagement Census

   - Create interactive and vibrant connections between day and congregational schools with corresponding Israeli twin schools

   - Outreach to the large local Israeli community, as well as to Russian speaking Jewry

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Israel Engagement Census


In an effort to develop a cohesive, long-term and tailor-made Israel engagement and impact strategy, Arkady has led, on behalf of the Jewish Federation, a community-wide Israel Engagement Census to map our current initiatives and identify new opportunities.


This will help us to further our understanding, connection, and ongoing relationship with Israel, by identifying the following:

  • Current level of Israel education and engagement in the community
  • Community wants and needs
  • Opportunities for unengaged


Israeli Elections - The results are in!



See how South Jersey compared to Israel with the results from our simulated Israeli Election, featured by our Community Shaliach Arkady Hasidovich. JCC attendees had an opportunity to "vote" like the Israelis did, and while at it, learned what matters to contemporary Israelis through the lens of the Israeli electoral system.

Learn more here.


The Shaliach Show

To have some fun and also to spread the good word about South Jersey’s Jewish life, Arkady has created a YouTube channel - The Shaliach Show - where he shares his musing and fish out water experiences. Click here to visit the page!

Israeli Calendar


Click here for a special community calendar, with events that Israelis might find especially interesting.