Welcome to our South Jersey Jewish community. The Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey and our family of agencies (Katz Jewish Community Center, Jewish Community Relations Council, Jewish Community Voice, Samost Jewish Family & Children's Service, Jewish Senior Housing and Healthcare Service, Jewish Community Foudation, Inc., and Jewish Community Properties) look forward to working with you to continue to enhance our vibrant Jewish community.


On this page, you can find information on programs and services that are available to your organization, learn more about the Federation and our family of agencies, see what grants and financial awards are available, and discover marketing opportunities that can assist you in promoting your upcoming events.

Progams & Services


Available For Your Organization


Aleph Home Care:

Aleph Home Care is a department of Jewish Federation and is an accredited, state-licensed, home care agency providing personal care, companion care, transitional care nursing, and transportation services to help older adults age in place with peace of mind. From one hour of care to 24/7, Aleph helps care for the most vulnerable in our community. Visit alephsnj.org for more information.


Center for Impact & Innovation (CII):

Community collaboration starts with JFED’s CII department. CII oversees programs such as PJ Library, Gift of Israel, Community Engagement, and Planning through convening a number of councils several times a year. Councils include the Presidents Council, ECC Directors Council, Religious/Supplemental/Day School Directors, and organization directors. The following CII programs are available to support YOUR members:


  • Federation Leadership Institute (FLI): FLI is proud to be a premier leadership program in the South Jersey Jewish community. This exclusive experience is for key leaders in our South Jersey Jewish community. FLI is the epicenter of networking and knowledge for our entire Federation and family of agencies. For information on how to be nominated for this program email FLI@jfedsnj.org

  • Financial Aid: When you need a helping hand, JFED is there for our community. We offer financial assistance for Jewish overnight camps, early childhood, and our JCC Camps at Medford. This is achieved through the generosity of The Raymond & Gertrude R. Saltzman Foundation and our annual Fund campaign. Our Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. (JCF) offers awards and scholarships as well. Visit jewishsouthjersey.org/financial-assistance for more information.

  • Gift of Israel: A cooperative savings program in which families, synagogues, and JFED join together to provide funds toward educational programs in Israel for participating students. All of our local synagogues participate. Visit jewishsouthjersey.org/goi for more information or email GOI@jfedsnj.org.

  • NextGen: NextGen is a group by young adults, for young adults (21+) looking to make social connections while exploring their Jewish roots in their post-grad years. If your young adults are looking to make new connections, this is the place for them. Connect with NextGen on Facebook at facebook.com/NextGenSNJ.

  • PJ Library: PJ Library is a national book and Jewish family engagement program that sends high-quality, age-appropriate Jewish books and music to families each month. Partnering with PJ Library is a great way of engaging with young, local families and introducing them to your synagogue or school. Visit jewishsouthjersey.org/pjlibrary for more information or email pjlibrary@jfedsnj.org.

  • Special Needs: Assistance for the special needs’ community is available via several of our agencies. JFED also oversees two grants from The Raymond & Gertrude R. Saltzman Foundation to support students with special needs, their families, and teachers in Jewish day schools, early childhood, and religious schools in our community. The Jewish Abilities Alliance (JAA) website, funded by JFED, along with a Supportive Services Navigator, can be a resource for referrals and guidance for families with a loved one with special needs. Visit southjersey.jewishabilities.org for more information.

  • Young Adult Division (YAD): For change-makers in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Connect to strengthen your Jewish identity, network, and make new friends along the way. We are looking forward to getting to know you! Connect with YAD on Facebook at facebook.com/SouthJersey.YAD.


Jewish Community Properties (JCP):

JCP manages JFED’s property and real estate assets. The JCP Board (made up of “volunteers”) is experienced in the real estate industry (property management, landlord tenant relations, construction, etc.) and has developed relationships with numerous community partners and vendors resulting in opportunities for enhanced facility management, energy-saving, and other potential cost-sharing opportunities. Please contact Rob Kiewe at rkiew@jfedsnj.org if a consultation may help your organization.


Older Adults:

JFED and our family of agencies offer robust cultural, educational, recreational, and social programming for adults age 60 and older. Additionally, our Supportive Services Navigator is available to provide individualized assistance and assist you in navigating the myriad of opportunities. Contact Lauren Rudin at lrudin@jfedsnj.org for more information.


Regional Security Advisor:

We are fortunate to be one of the first communities in North America partnering with the Secure Community Network (SCN) to have an on-site security advisor, Doron Horowitz. Doron is a leader in the security field and is available to assist local Jewish organizations with developing security protocols, best practices, and training exercises. Doron can be reached by email at dhorowitz@jfedsnj.org

Our Family of Agencies


Our agencies offer programs and services for our community. The opportunities are endless, and the resources are here for our Jewish community.


Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC):

Building relationships. Connecting communities. Meeting challenges. JCRC is the voice of the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey on issues of public policy, social advocacy, and community outreach. JCRC fosters constructive relationships within the Jewish community and among people of all faiths and cultures regarding Jewish- and Israel- oriented issues. Visit jcrcsnj.org for more information.


Jewish Community Voice (JCV or the Voice):

The award-winning Voice is the newspaper of record for Camden, Burlington, and Gloucester counties in Southern New Jersey. Since its first issue on September 19, 1941, the Voice has featured the best in local, national, and international news coverage. Today, the Voice is a biweekly paper; Attitudes, a lifestyle magazine published twice a year; Connect, an annual guide to the Jewish Federation agencies, synagogues and organizations serving the Jewish community, and a vibrant website with an active social media presence. Visit jewishvoicesnj.org for more information.


Jewish Senior Housing and Healthcare Service (JSHHS):

Independence. Affordability. Community. Tradition. Life at a JSHHS community offers all of these things. At JSHHS, we provide three safe and affordable independent living apartment communities where seniors can age comfortably while enjoying a carefree lifestyle, Jewish traditions and the camaraderie of a caring community. JSHHS is a not-for-profit agency committed to providing the benefits of quality housing and compassionate healthcare services to limited-income seniors and their families. Our community-based housing creates a dignified and respectful environment consistent with Jewish values. We are widely recognized for the quality of our communities and for the excellence of the services we provide to our residents. Through collaborative partnerships, we honor our seniors and strive to offer them excellent programs to enhance their social, cultural and spiritual well-being. Visit jshhs.org for more information.


Katz Jewish Community Center (JCC or the J):

There’s something about this place.® The JCC is committed to promoting and enriching Jewish culture, heritage, values and lives by providing outstanding educational, social and fitness and wellness programs and experiences for our community. Our vision is to be the premier Jewish social, cultural, recreational and educational center that serves the South Jersey community. We strive to preserve and enrich Jewish culture, heritage and values by providing programs and services for all ages and abilities. Visit katzjcc.org for more information.


Jewish Family & Children’s Service (JFCS):

For more than 75 years, JFCS has provided comprehensive, caring social services to residents of Southern New Jersey. JFCS serves people of every age, faith, and background—strengthening individuals, families, and our community. No one is ever turned away due to an inability to pay. We are dedicated to providing programs and supports that empower our neighbors in need to experience lives full of hope and promise. JFCS offers five core services: Counseling & Support Groups; Family Assistance; 60+ Senior Services; Special Needs; and Volunteer Opportunities. Visit jfcssnj.org for more information.


Jewish Community Foundation, Inc., (JCF):

How can the JCF maximize your philanthropy, as well as help maintain the vitality of this Jewish community for the future? First, to assist donors with their annual giving, the JCF provides donor advised funds (DAFs), which are akin to having a charitable checking account: Open a DAF; contribute cash, appreciated stock, or other assets to the fund and gain immediate tax benefits; and recommend grants to your favorite charitable causes at any time. Subsequently, the JCF administers endowment funds to ensure a stream of annual income benefiting designated nonprofits and synagogues for generations on end, while also offering reserve funds to help these organizations thrive. The JCF welcomes the chance to discuss your own philanthropic or organizational goals. Lastly, we invite you to learn more about our Scholarship & Emerging Leader Awards for deserving individuals and JCF Grants for new and innovative programs and services. Visit jcfsnj.org for more information.


Funding Sources


There are numerous financial awards available from JFED and our family of agencies to benefit individuals and organizations in Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester Counties.


Grant Opportunities for Nonprofits


Jewish Women’s Foundation Grants:

Awards are available to bring positive change to the lives of Jewish women and girls in SNJ and around the world. Visit jewishsouthjersey.org/jwf/grants for more information.


JCF Spring Grants Cycle:

Grants for new and innovative programming are available for nonprofits serving the Southern New Jersey Jewish and secular community. Visit jcfsnj.org/grants for more information.



Financial Awards for Individuals


JCF Scholarship & Emerging Leader Awards:

A variety of funds provide financial awards for local scholars and emerging leaders. Visit jcfsnj.org/scholarships for more information.


JFED Financial Assistance for Youth:

Funds are available for Jewish overnight camp as well as teen Israel or leadership programs. Visit jewishsouthjersey.org/financial-assistance for more information.


JCRC’s Raab/Goodwin Holocaust Center Awards:


  • The Dr. Paul Winkler Award: provides a stipend to one teacher who enrolls in the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education Summer Seminar. Visit jcrcsnj.org/winkleraward for more information.

  • The Richard C. Goodwin-Josiah DuBois Humanitarian Award: is given to deserving students who exemplify the outstanding attributes of Josiah DuBois through exemplary community service. Visit jcrcsnj.org/humanitarianaward for more information.

  • The Raab/Goodwin Junior Upstander Award: is given to a fourth or fifth grade student that shows what it means to be an Upstander, to disrupt the negative action and show kindness, especially for someone different from ourselves in the classroom or community. Visit jcrcsnj.org/juniorupstander for more information.


Marketing Resources


Community Calendar:

Our South Jersey Jewish community is fortunate to have a very full schedule. To ease the scheduling process, we have a Community Planning Calendar at jewishsouthjersey.org/planningcalendar that shows upcoming events and meetings. Whether you are planning a big event or a meeting, you want to be sure there are no conflicts.

We also have an online Community Events Calendar that can be viewed at jewishsouthjersey.org/calendar where the default view is just our upcoming events (and no meetings).


Marketing Opportunities:


  • Fed Flash: Powered by The Jewish Community Voice, Fed Flash is JFED’s weekly email newsletter of upcoming events. This goes out to over 10,000 individuals every week. Our community organizations are encouraged to promote their events in the Fed Flash via a banner ad and/or calendar listing. Visit jewishsouthjersey.org/fedflash-guidelines for our submission guidelines and deadlines

  • Standalone “on behalf of” emails: Our Jewish community organizations have the opportunity to send a quarterly standalone “on behalf of” email to JFED’s full community list to promote an upcoming event. Contact our marketing department at jfedmarketing@jfedsnj.org for more information.