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We are committed to creating lasting and meaningful ways for Jews to connect and strengthen their Jewish identity. We foster relationships within the Jewish community and between people of all faiths and cultures to help build a better tomorrow. 



At a glance...


What our Community Engagement Area of Impact can do for our community:

"Through JCRC's Interfaith Mission to Israel, I was able to see Israel through the lens of many religions, not just my own Muslim heritage. The trip reinforced my belief, that no matter the differences in our ways of worship, Jerusalem is hallowed ground for Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike."


This past year, the Jewish Business Network

TRIPLED in size


An estimated

24,000 people

receive Jewish local news, events, and programs from The Voice's printed bi-weekly newspaper


120 people

participated in Rock Steady Boxing, a national non-contact boxing program for individuals with Parkinson's Disease at the JCC


How can we help you?




An interfaith literacy program that provides services to Title l elementary schools in low and moderate income communities, providing weekly one-to-one reading sessions with an adult volunteer.


JCRC's Esther Raab Holocaust Museum & Goodwin Education Center teaches people about the past and educates them for the future through the painful lessons of the Holocaust. The objective is to reduce prejudice and lessen hatred, bigotry, bullying, and violence against all groups.


The Bank of America Arts, Books, and Culture Festival at the Katz JCC is a week that brings in over 30 artists, speakers, and entertainers for growth and exciting collaboration.


Celebrate the best in Jewish film from around the world, featuring national and international film festival favorites. The Film Festival also includes discussions with directors, actors, producers, local experts, and more.




  • Government relations

JCRC engages in government affairs to establish and maintain relationships with government officials - both elected and appointed - school administrators and educators, and law enforcement officials, all within the community.


  • Israel advocacy

The JCRC Israel Advocacy Initiative (IAI) helps to coordinate, educate, and organize efforts among the South Jersey pro-Israel community in support and advocacy on behalf of Israel. IAI serves as a resource for individuals and organizations in our local community on the latest information, trends, issues, and advocacy opportunities in support of Israel.


  • Jewish Catholic Muslim Dialogue

JCRC Bookmates operates the Catholic-Jewish Commission, facilitates the continuations of the Jewish Catholic Muslim Dialogue, develops Jewish relations with all faith, ethnic, and racial groups, and serves on various Ministerium councils.



  • Professional development programs for community educators


If financial burdens overwhelm you, turn to the Jewish Federation for help. One of our primary goals is helping members of our community when they are in need, from students, to educators, to families, the Federation is there for you.


The Benjamin Asbell Youth Award seeks to recognize a Jewish boy or girl of high school age who is a member of a congregation or other Jewish institutional youth group and who demonstrates exemplary leadership, serves as a role model and impacts the community in a way that strengthens the Jewish identification of his or her peers.  


  • Leadership institute for emerging & rising volunteers in the community (FLI)

The exclusive experience is designed to inspire key Jewish community leaders who are committed to a better tomorrow. The expertise and perspective are highly valuable as part of this system-wide Federation endeavor.


When you need a helping hand, the Federation is there.

"I would like to thank the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. for the scholarship I was awarded. I graduated this year from the Rutgers University School of Nursing. I hope to be able to give back to JCF in the future, in order to help a student like me in need. May you continue to make changes in students' lives as you have mine."



Family & Youth programming is available through The Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey and these select agencies:


Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey


Katz Jewish Community Center


Jewish Family & Children's Service


Jewish Community Foundation, Inc.


Jewish Community Relations Council


Jewish Senior Housing & Healthcare Service


Jewish Community Voice



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