The Jewish Federation would like to thank all those who have made an endowment for their generosity. 

If you are interested in creating an endowment or have other questions,

please contact David Snyder Chief Advancement & Community Relations Officer, at dsnyder@jfedsnj.org or call 856.673.2571.

Endowment Funds Supporting
The Federation & Agencies

The following endowment funds have been established to contribute annually to the Jewish Federation Annual Campaign, also known as JFund, or an individual agency or committee of the Federation.

Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey

Jerry & Shelly Abramson EF

AJA Restricted EF

Aleph Home Care EF

Robert & Abby Belafsky ACE Fund

David Benima AJA EF

Beth Jacob/ Beth Israel Fund for Excellence in Jewish Education

Beth Jacob/ Beth Israel Fund for Jewish Youth

Irene Bobis ACE Fund

Philip & Miriam Bookman ACE Fund

SS Cohen Family EF

The Commons Auxiliary Fund

The Commons EF

The Commons Reserve Fund

Cupersmith Family EF

Cecelia Diamond LOJE Fund

H. Richard Dollinger Annual Campaign  Endowment Fund

Marsha Z. Dollinger Lion of Judah Endowment Fund

Laura Dribin EF

Daryl Farber EF

David Farber & Family EF

Robert & Mariam Shpeen Feist Annual Campaign Fund

Sandra Feldman LOJE Fund

Caren Fendrick LOJE Fund

Mark Fendrick EF

Peter & Betsy Fischer ACE Fund

Richard & Judy Franken EF

Glenn E. Fuhrman March of the Living Scholarship EF

Gift of Israel – Dept. of Jewish Education Matching Funds

David & Valerie Gladfelter ACE Fund

Richard & Lori Goldstein Family EF

Richard Goodwin ACE Fund

Gottlieb Family Fund

Jeffrey & Laura Gottlieb EF

Lawrence Gottlieb EF

Alan Greenberg ACE Fund & Sara-ellen Greenberg LOJE Fund

Robert S. & Marlene Greenberg EF

Rochelle Greenspun Fund

Ralph Herman ACE Fund
Jamie Dollinger & Robert Hirsch EF

Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey ACE Fund

Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey Area of Impact – Seniors

Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey Reserve Fund

Arnold & Sandra Kaminer EF

Betty Kane EF

Harvey & Sally Kane ACE Fund

Norman & Theodora Kritz ACE Fund

Harry Krotman ACE Fund

Nina Cohen & Karl Lane EF

Scott Lerner EF

Stanley & Joanne Lerner ACE Fund

Fran & Leon L. Levy ACE Fund

Leon & Fran Levy EF

Marlene Lamont Levy LOJE Fund

Sis Levy ACE Fund

Lions Gate & JSHHS ACE Fund

Donald N. Love Annual Campaign EF

Donald N. Love and Judy Love Family EF for Weinberg Commons

Judy Love Lion of Judah EF

Susan Love Lion of Judah EF

Lee & Ellen Meadvin Family EF

Ann L. Mester ACE Fund

Mark & Pnina Mintz ACE Fund

Ronda Morganstein EF

Michael & Marcy Partnow EF

Robert & Marjorie L. Paul ACE Fund

Judith & Bernard Platt EF

Marguerite M. Rosner LOJE Fund

Arthur & Gerri Rudner EF

Taffi Saltzman Family Foundation EF

Harold & Marcy Sanders ACE Fund

Albert Sbar ACE Fund

Mildred Sbar LOJE Fund

Gordon & Joy Schafer EF

Sydria Klein Schaffer LOJE Fund

Harvey & Gail Shapiro EF

Joan Shuster LOJE Fund

Louis Silverman ACE Fund

Arlene Silvers LOJE Fund

Fred Siris ACE Fund

R. L. Siris ACE Fund

Marjorie Sobel LOJE Fund

Mark A. Sobel MD & Janine M. Sobel MD ACE Fund

Renee Steinberg EF

Sol S. Stern ACE Fund

Edith Tobin ACE Fund

James & Jennifer Weiss EF

Cindy Laiken Yellin LOJE Fund

Zarembski Family Foundation EF

Vicki Zell LOJE Fund

Julius & Rosetta Zinman ACE Fund

Katz Jewish Community Center

ACHaD Special Needs Department EF

Blumenfeld Family Men’s Basketball EF

Charles A. Blumenfeld Memorial EF

Blumenfeld-Lenny Krayzelberg Swim Academy EF

Lisa Blumenfeld Special Needs EF

Norman & May Brill Memorial EF

Eric Spencer Budman Memorial EF

Richard B. Charny JCC Camps EF

Henry & Edna Cooperson Memorial Fund

Cupersmith Family EF

Sandra Dezenhall Memorial Fund

H. Richard Dollinger & Marsha Dollinger ACE Fund

Faktorow Jewish Film Festival of the Katz JCC EF

Mark Fendrick EF

Friedman Family JCC EF

David Keith Gesshel Open Hearts Open Doors EF

Valerie Gladfelter Arts, Books & Culture EF

Goodfriend Family EF

Gottlieb Family Fund

Jeffrey & Laura Gottlieb EF

Isaac & Sofia Greenberg Memorial EF

Marlyn R. Greene Memorial EF

Sylvia Herman Memorial EF

Isdaner Family JCC Unrestricted EF

Sari Isdaner Early Childhood Department EF

JCC Maccabi EF

Jewish Community Center EF

Barnard & Amy Kaplan Family EF

Betty & Milton Katz JCC EF

Marlies Levenger EF

Sis Levy Katz JCC Early Childhood ACHaD EF

Sis Levy Katz JCC Early Childhood Center Scholarship EF

LIFE & LEGACY EF of the Katz Jewish Community Center

Literacy League EF

Lee & Ellen Meadvin Family EF

Respect for Drugs EF

Samuel & Rose Riemer JCC, ACHAD EF

Mitchell & Martha Rosenberg Family EF

Harold Sanders Memorial Library EF

Clara Schreiber EF

Norman P. Silvers & Arlene Silvers Family EF

Tree of Life Society EF

Jack & Florence Volk Passover Project EF


Jewish Community Foundation, Inc.

Eric Spencer Budman Memorial EF

Mark Fendrick EF

Harry Gershenowitz EF

JCF Community Fund

JCF Family Support Fund

Jewish Community Foundation Legacy Fund

Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. Annual EF

Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. Sustainable Philanthropy EF

New Camden Cemetery Fund

Samuel Aaron & Rose Siris Free Loan Fund

Brad Weingart EF


Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. – Community Grants Funds

Fannie & Meyer Adleman Family EF

Fred & Florence Bryen Community EF

Myron & Tanya Buchman EF

Bush Refrigeration EF

Glenn Cohen Memorial EF

Eugene & Deborah Holtzin

Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. Community Grants Fund

Keren Ami/My People’s EF

Jerry & Toby Laiken EF

Larry Lerner Memorial Fund

Joseph & Esther Milgrim Family EF

William & Bertha Remer Community EF

Stella Schaevitz Community Fund

Louis Silverman Jewish Community Grants EF

Leonard & Norma Zelnick Community EF for Jewish Continuity


Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. – Scholarship Funds

Ben Asbell / ULPS Memorial Fund

Patrice Faye Cohen Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jaclyn Ehrlich Travel Experience Award EF

Steve & June Eisner Family Foundation EF

Furer-Barag-Wolf Post 126 Jewish War Veterans Scholarship Fund

Valerie Gladfelter Girls Scholarship EF

Leonard Jay Hirschfeld EF

Jewish Community Foundation Board Scholarship EF

Arthur & Eleanor Klein Scholarship EF

Helen & Harry Pinsky Memorial EF

David Rivkin Scholarship EF

Robert L. Schattner Scholarship & EF

The Schreibstein Award For Emerging Community Leadership EF

Seymour Siegel Youth Achievement Award EF

Mildred Soefer Scholarship Fund

South Jersey Hebrew Association EF

Jewish Community Relations Council

Ethyl Blumenfeld EF in Support of the Raab/Goodwin Center

B’nai B’rith Holocaust Education EF

BookMates Special Reserve Fund

Monsignor Joseph W. Devlin Jewish-Christian Relations EF

Goodwin Josiah DuBois Humanitarian Award EF

Staci & Rebecca Feigenbaum EF

Friends of Israel Holocaust Survivors Support & Education EF

GHMEC Special Reserve Fund

Goodwin Foundation Holocaust Museum & Education Center EF

Goodwin Holocaust Museum & Education EF

Gerald W. Gordon Leadership Development EF

Gottlieb Family Fund

Jeffrey & Laura Gottlieb EF

Israel EF

JCRC Goodwin Holocaust Museum EF

JCRC Holocaust EF

JCRC Special Reserve Fund

JCRC/Friends of Israel EF

Jewish Community Relations Council EF

LIFE & LEGACY EF of The Jewish Community Relations Council

Lifetime Member EF

Sidney Newman EF

Esther Terner Raab Holocaust Museum EF

Alan Respler Social Justice EF

Robert & Annabelle Savar Holocaust Education EF

Adam & Helen Schwartz Holocaust EF

Sam, Josh & Ben Snyder Teen Israel Advocacy Family EF

Craig & Randi Stoopler EF

Teen Israel Advocacy EF

James & Jennifer Weiss EF

Paul Winkler Scholarship EF

Yom Hashoah Commemoration EF of the JCRC

Jewish Community Voice

LIFE & LEGACY EF of the Jewish Community Voice

Marjorie Paul Jewish Federation Publications EF

James & Jennifer Weiss EF


Samost Jewish Family & Children’s Service

Jerry & Shelly Abramson EF

Evelyn and Eugene Bass JFCS EF

Sondra and Robert Berman Social Work Recognition Fund

Patsy Brandt EF

Eric Spencer Budman Memorial EF

Nina Cohen & Karl Lane EF

H. Richard Dollinger & Marsha Dollinger ACE Fund

Ellen and Ron Dubrow Special Needs EF

Epworth Jewish Family & Children’s Service EF

Robert & Mariam Shpeen Feist Annual Campaign Fund

Sandra Feldman Project Sarah EF

Fund for Alleviating Poverty EF

Valerie Gladfelter JFCS Family Case Manager EF

Samuel Gordon EF

Jeffrey & Laura Gottlieb EF

JFCS Children & Family EF

JFCS Senior Services 60 Plus EF

Deborah M. Klein JFCS EF

Irwin & Sis Levy JFCS EF

LIFE & LEGACY EF of Jewish Family & Children’s Service

Donald N. Love and Judy Love JFCS Disabilities EF

Donald N. Love and Judy Love JFCS Family Member EF

Love Family Special Needs EF

Carol Lupo EF

Daniel and Marla Meyers EF

Robert & Marjorie Paul JFCS EF

Bernard & Judith Platt EF

Mitchell & Martha Rosenberg Family EF

Jerold & Erica Rothkoff Family EF

Samost Jewish Family and Children’s Service EF

Seymour Siegel Developmentally Disabled EF


Sheila Wasserbach EF

Alan & Laura Wechsler EF

James & Jennifer Weiss EF

Jennifer Dollinger Woods Family Foundation


Jewish Senior Housing and Healthcare Service

Edward Adleman Lions Gate Legacy EF

Herman Belk EF

Chapel Fund EF

Cupersmith Family EF

Eisenberg EF

Richard and Judy Franken Lions Gate Legacy Fund

Rabbi Melvin Glatt Memorial Scholarship Fund

Gottlieb Family Fund

Jeffrey & Laura Gottlieb EF

Lawrence Gottlieb EF

Alan and Sara-ellen Greenberg EF

Jewish Geriatric Home Activities Fund

Jewish Geriatric Home Capital EF

Jewish Geriatric Home EF

JGH Auxiliary at Lions Gate EF

JGH Lions Gate Restricted Fund

Sidney Lahn EF

Irwin L. Levy Memorial Fund

Irwin & Sis Levy Jewish Senior Housing Associates EF

Sis Levy Family Jewish Federation Housing Associates

Sis Levy Family JGH Unrestricted EF

Friends of Sis Levy EF

Sis Levy Friends of Jewish Senior Housing and Healthcare Service EF

Sis Levy Jewish Senior Housing and Healthcare Service EF

Lions Gate Legacy Fund

Judge William Lipkin Community EF

Judge William Lipkin Jewish Senior Housing Endowment

Judge William Lipkin JGH/Lions Gate Endowment

Lillian Lipkin JSHHS EF

Susan Love Jewish Senior Housing Unrestricted EF

Tillie Mayer Dubin House EF

Tillie Mayer JGH EF

Tillie Mayer Saltzman House EF

Lillian Silverstein JGH Restricted EF

Helen Spiegel JGH EF

Staff Education Center EF


Jewish Women’s Foundation

Helene Blumenfeld JWF EF

Marsha Z. Dollinger JWF EF

Valerie Gladfelter JWF EF

Jewish Women’s Foundation EF

Sydria Schaffer JWF EF

Janine Sobel JWF EF

Marjorie Sobel JWF EF

Cindy Laiken Yellin JWF EF

LIFE & LEGACY® Endowments

The Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. launched the LIFE & LEGACY® initiative of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation in April 2014, to boost legacy giving to Southern New Jersey Jewish organizations. Since then, nearly 900 commitments have been secured, resulting in an estimated $22.275 million in future expected endowment assets. The following individuals have generously chosen the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey and/or Federation agency as a legacy beneficiary.

Shelly & Jerry Abramson

Edward C. Adleman*

Betty S. Adler

Reta Feldman & Brian Adler

Anonymous (13)

Jan & Bruce Apple

Mira S. & Aaron Aumiller

Marcia Baruch

Steve Beilowitz

Donna & Richard Bell

Pamela & Robert Benedon

Jodi Berman

Toby & Len Berman

Karen & Jerry Bliss

Jayne Feld & Craig Bloom

Helene & Alan L. Blumenfeld

Ronit & Chris Boyd

May M. Brill

Caryn & David Bross

Judy Charny

Karen H. & William Chast

Cori & Michael Cherkas

Amy & Eric Clayman

Natalie Clayman

Brandon Cohen

Cindy* & Les Cohen

Harvey Steven Cohen

Joy & Andrew Cohen

Stefanie L. & Steven M. Cohen

Jodi Kaufman-Cooper & Stan Cooper

Lilly Cowan

Carla Janoff & John Coyle

Fran & Neal Cupersmith

Leila & Adam Cupersmith

Margery & Mark Dannenbaum

Lisa & Rabbi Benjamin David

Stanton Deitch*

Karen & Albert ElGrissy

Miriam & Sheldon Faktorow

David Farber

Miriam & Alan Feldman

Judy & Richard Franken

Linda Friedman

Marcy & Brian Friedman

Glenn Fuhrman

Valerie & David Gladfelter

Michele & Curt Golkow

Barbara & Elliot Goodfriend

Larry Gottlieb

Laura D. & Jeffrey H. Gottlieb

Emily & Milt Gottschalk

Robyn & Scott Greenberg

Sara-ellen & Alan Greenberg

Myra & David Gutin

Phyllis B. Hecsh*

Ralph Herman*

Sherri & Ken Hoffman

Beth & K.C. Isdaner

Kathy Jassem

Adam Kaminer

Sandra & Arnold Kaminer

Amy & Barnard Kaplan

Sarah M. Kaplan

Karen Kaplan

Martha & Frank Karasick

Jerome M. Katz

Harriet Kessler*

Helen Kirschbaum

Barry Kirzner

Deborah Shore & Jonathan Korn

Debra & Daniel Kramer

Rachel & Alfred Kurz

Aimee Levin

Jodi & Neil Levine

Marian C. & Elliot M. Levine

Susan & Howard Levine

Fran & Leon L. Levy

Sis Levy*

Suzanne & Victor Levy

Jane & Rabbi Steven Lindemann

Judy & Donald N. Love

Susan Love*

Helene Ludwin

Suzanne Magaziner

Henry Maurer

Kenneth H. Maurer

Stephanie & Mitchell Medoff

Susan & Ian Meklinsky

Marci & Nick H. Meyers

Marla & Dan Meyers

Harvey Mindel

Ellen & Brad Molotsky

Judie & Harry Morrow

David Oberlander

Marcy R. & Michael J. Partnow

Sheri Pecarsky

Arlene & Ed Plasky

David Portnoe

Jane Pressman

Marvin Raab

Norrine Regetz

Erica & Josh Reisman

Donna & Leon Rose

Mark R. Rosen

Mindy & Benjamin Rosenblum

Barbara Rothberg

Sharon & Adam Sackstein

Jennifer & Nick Sakaleros

Juleann & Brian Sattinger

Shira & Brian Scanlon

Sydria Schaffer

Michelle & Stephen Scheinthal

Harriet Schulman

Julie & Joel Schwartz

Beth Segal

Richard Selznick

Alison & Mark Shapiro

Gail & Harvey Shapiro

Rhonda Shevrin

Jennifer Sholder

Jaclynn & Evan Shweky

Renée Siegel

Edward Silver

Juli Mandel Sloves & Glenn Sloves

Allison & David Snyder

Donna Snyder

Marjorie & Joseph Sobel*

Bess* & James Soffer

Sabrina & Aaron Spector

Paul Stolpen

Marla Vecchio

Melissa & Adam Wayne

Cecile & Jack Weber

Sabra Hess & Shealtiel Weinberg

Helen Weinheimer

Jennifer & James Weiss

Judith Wizmur

Leah & Jason Wolf

Gregg B. Wolfe

Cindy Laiken Yellin

Marsha & Leonard Yorinks

Sally Zeiberg

Vicki & Brian Zell

Stephanie Zinn

Lion of Judah Endowments

The following women have created endowment funds that will provide annual gifts of at least $5,000 to the Jewish Federation Annual Campaign, also known as the JFund.

Shelly Abramson 
Abby Belafsky 
Ceil Diamond 
Jamie Dollinger 
Marsha Z. Dollinger 
Daryl Farber 
Sandra Feldman*
Caren Fendrick
Judy Franken 
Lori Goldstein 
Sara-ellen Greenberg 
Sandra Kaminer 
Betty Kane


Sally Kane 
Joanne Lerner 
Fran Levy 
Marlene Lamont Levy 
Judy Love 
Susan Love*
Ellen Meadvin 
Ronda Morganstein 
Marguerite Rosner*
Gerri Rudner 
Ruth Saltzman* 
Marcy Sanders
Mildred Sbar* 


Joy Schafer 
Sydria Schaffer 
Gail Shapiro 
Joan Shuster* 
Arlene Silvers 
Janine Sobel 
Marjorie Sobel* 
Renee Steinberg 
Jennifer Dubrow Weiss 
Cindy Laiken Yellin 
Vicki J. Zell


*Of Blessed Memory

Names listed current as of February 17, 2023