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For you, Israel, and your passion for volunteering.

We feel it is our responsibility to advocate for Israel and every Jewish community around the world.
We provide support to ensure Jewish identity continues to thrive and that the safety, security, and well-being of Jews is maintained globally. 

Our Global Connections Area of Impact
supports our partners


The Jewish Agency for Israel and The Joint Distribution Committee as well as funding these specific projects:

Alma Mechina is a pre-army academy for young, at-risk girls. It is an all-female leadership development program that addresses the needs of young women who have come from disadvantaged backgrounds


Help strengthen Israel's newest citizens during a time of uncertainty and hope and provide them with the skills and tools they need to become self-sufficient and contributing members in Israeli society. The keys to a successful integration into Israeli society are learning the language, entering the labor market and achieving economic self-sufficiency. 

The Hannaton Educational Center teaches the Jewish leaders of tomorrow to accept, incorporate and promote pluralistic, unified Jewish values in Israeli society and the global Jewish community. Through these future leaders, their goal is to help secure the future of Israeli society, ensuring it is one in which there is a place for Jews of every movement, every stripe, and every affiliation. 

A Jewish Agency subsidiary and flagship program, Youth Futures is one of Israel’s leading positive-intervention programs, mentoring for at-risk children, teaching skills for academic improvement and social integration that last a lifetime.


OneFamily provides long-term emotional and financial support to Israel’s victims of terror and war.


The JDC helps Jews in need in sixteen outlying Jewish communities in Argentina’s provinces by working in three main directions: Provision of Key Humanitarian Aid to Needy Jews (Monetary aid and Housing), Building Local Capacity (training community leaders, fostering a philanthropic culture and working with community organizations) and monitoring Vulnerability.


JDC youth program that reaches teens aged 12-17 in the former Soviet Union (FSU). This effort is guided by the understanding that teens are the building blocks of the next generation of Jewish leadership.

Elderly Jews in the former Soviet Union (FSU) are the poorest in the world – 1 in 2 live in dire poverty. Many survived the Holocaust, and all lived for decades under a communist regime that discriminated relentlessly against them, dismantled Jewish institutions, and consigned them to poverty. They simply cannot live without the lifesaving support provided by JDC and its partners.


Many organizations and creative initiatives throughout Europe have leaders who learned their commitment to the Jewish community, as well as the importance of maintaining Jewish tradition, at Szarvas Camp.


The only youth movement in Israel specifically designed for children with severe disabilities, connecting them with their able-bodied peers for weekly social activities.


A Jerusalem based nonprofit empowering low-income elderly through meaningful work opportunities, essential social and financial benefits as well as promoting positive attitudes towards seniors through inter-generational connections.



Our Mission

  • Empower Israel’s future
  • Save the world’s poorest Jews
  • Revitalize Jewish life
  • Develop tomorrow’s Jewish leaders
  • Rescue victims of global emergencies

Where You Can Find Us

  • Israel
  • Bucharest
  • Asia
  • Former Soviet Union
  • Ukraine
  • Eastern Europe
  • India
  • Central Europe
  • Morocco
  • Ethiopia
  • Cuba
  • Turkey
  • Haiti
  • Kazakhstan

Visiting Israel?


You can touch, feel, and see many of these programs and services for yourself. See your JFund donation at work and our Jewish Federation’s IMPACT in Israel and around the globe.


Contact our concierge to connect with the program or service you’d like to see in action on your next trip to Israel. Call 856.673.2554 or email

Partner Agencies

The Jewish Agency for Israel

Ensuring the future of a connected, committed, global Jewish people with a strong Israel at its center.


Israel In Your Community

Shlichim | Partnership2Gether | ShinShinim | Campus Israel Fellows | Masa Israel Journey | Onward Israel | AmiUnity | 248-Global Community Action Network


Jewish Social Action

Amigour: Subsidized Housing in Israel | Project TEN: Global Tikkun Olam | Youth Futures: Mentoring for At-Risk Children | Mechinot: Post High-School Service Learning | Youth Villages | Loan Funds | Nativ | Fund for Victims of Terror



The Jewish Agency for Israel helps Jews take greater ownership over their stories in a very special way: they bring them home. All Jews, no matter where they were born, are Israeli citizens by right. If you've ever considered making the move to Israel, let The Jewish Agency for Israel light the way.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

Working in 70 countries to alleviate hunger and hardship, rescue Jews in danger, create lasting connections to Jewish life, and provide immediate relief for victims of natural and man-made disasters. Learn more. 


Building Jewish Life & Leaders

JDC Entwine | Szarvas | Young Leadership | Volunteering


Helping the World’s Neediest Jews

Caring for the Elderly | Helping Families | Winter Relief | Crisis in Ukraine


Empowering All Israelis

Care for Seniors | Supporting the Next Generation | Combating Unemployment | Access for All


Responding to Global Emergencies

Nepal | Philippines | Haiti | Women's Health



Family & Youth programming is available through The Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey and these select agencies:


Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey


Jewish Community Relations Council



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