About the Jewish Women's Foundation of Southern New Jersey (JWF of SNJ)
JWF of SNJ is a committee of the Funds Development Board of the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey (JFSNJ). JWF of SNJ partners with Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. (JCF) to bring positive change to the lives of Jewish women and children in South Jersey and around the world by funding programs in education, self-esteem and empowerment, health, leadership and Jewish identity.


Since 2012, JWF grants and special initiatives have raised awareness of pressing issues and made a sustainable difference in women’s and children’s lives at all levels:


Local: Shelter for Sarah & Friends, Grieving the Loss of a Child Support Group, Tween/Teen Suicide Prevention, Project Rainbow, EmpowHERment - a Brighter Future is Within Reach, Special Needs Mom's Support Group, Women's Connections Counseling Groups


Israel: Victim or Victimizer: Helping Battered Women, LOTEM: Mother Nature, Women's Economic Empowerment Project, Women's Israel Mission/Jewish Women's Renaissance Project (JWRP), Teen Girls Empowerment Program, At-Risk to At-Chance Program, Safe House Economic Empowerment for Mothers


Our vision is for Jewish women philanthropists in South Jersey to pool their resources and raise awareness on issues often unmet in the Jewish community. Learn more here

Alison Bell Keim, Chair
I am grateful to have the opportunity to be part of JWF. As past membership, grants, and overall chair, I have been involved in donating over $170,000 dollars to 35 organizations since I joined 5 years ago. I love working with smart and charitable women of all ages to create a positive impact for Jewish women and children all across the world. 

Sara-ellen Greenberg, Grants Chair
I have been interested in women's philanthropy for many years so when a group of us decided to form a Jewish women's foundation I was all in. I love working together with like minded women pooling our resources and making decisions on funding needs that speak to us. Later, hearing from our grant recipients about the outcome of the projects we have funded, I feel so proud to have made a difference.

Please consider making a tribute donation in someone's honor or memory, or to celebrate someone.

Please consider donating to JWF of SNJ.

Jewish Women's Foundation
Current Membership



Alison Bell Keim


Heather Kramer
Chair Elect

Sara-ellen Greenberg
Grants Chair


Anat Cohen
Grants Chair Elect

Nancy Toll Perilstein
Membership Chair 


Joyce Lynn Branfman
Past Chair


Janine M. Sobel, M.D.
Founding Chair




Members who make an 

endowed gift with a 

minimum of $10,000 to JWF


Helene Blumenfeld
Valerie Gladfelter

Sydria Schaffer, M.D.

Janine M. Sobel, M.D.
Marjorie Sobel *
Cindy Yellin


  • Alison Bell Keim
  • Roberta Abramowitz
  • Janice Apple
  • Caroline Austin
  • Elizabeth Baim
  • Donna Bell
  • Helene Blumenfeld
  • Ronit Boyd
  • Joyce Lynn Branfman
  • Anat Cohen
  • Marsha Z. Dollinger
  • Stacy Lewin Farber
  • Miriam Feldman
  • Caren Fendrick
  • Judy Franken
  • Bonnie Friedman
  • Valerie Gladfelter
  • Robyn Greenberg
  • Sara-ellen Greenberg
  • Amanda Kaminer
  • Alison Bell Keim
  • Heather Kramer
  • Andrea Levin
  • Rebecca Levy
  • Fran Levy
  • Judy Love
  • Carol Lupo
  • Nancy Toll Perilstein
  • Hilary Platt
  • Judith Platt
  • Gerri Rudner
  • Shira Katz Scanlon
  • Sydria Schaffer, M.D.
  • Janine M. Sobel, M.D.
  • Jennifer Dubrow Weiss
  • Hon. Judy Wizmur
  • Vicki Zell

How It Works


JWF of SNJ members include women of all ages with varied backgrounds and experiences.  They all share a strong desire to expand and improve the lives of women and children through strategic grant making. Membership dues create a funding pool from which innovative and evidence-based grants are made to qualified non-profit organizations each year.

Make a tribute donation in someone's honor or memory

Your funds add to the grant money to be distributed to organizations and programs.

Apply for a grant

JWF of SNJ is looking to support projects like:

  • Leadership training for women
  • Shabbat boxes for families in need
  • Personal safety and well-being classes for women with special needs
  • Assistance and support services for victims of domestic violence
  • Women's counseling services on college campuses
  • Sexual abuse awareness videos
  • Economic empowerment tools for young women at risk
  • Respite care for female caregivers
  • STEM programs for girls at Jewish day schools
  • Assistance and support services for single mothers

If your organization could benefit from funding, apply here.

Note: All applicants must be 501(c)3 organizations. Organizations from Israel or other countries must have a sponsoring American organization in order to be eligible to receive funding. 


Become a member

You will have an enriching, hands-on role in making changes such as being part of the grant application review process. Your membership dues support the grants we fund. 


JWF members:

  • Make a minimum annual commitment of $5,000 or more to the Jewish Federation's JFund (this can be an individual gift at the Lion of Judah level or a household gift at the Major Gifts level or a corporate gift)
  • Make an additional commitment of $500 or more to JWF (paid in full by February 1, 2024)
  • Are current in their financial obligations to the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey

Contact Sarah Rowland at srowland@jfedsnj.org or 856.673.2543 to get your membership started or to learn more about Lion of Judah.


Shelly Abramson 

Janice Apple

Debby Baratz

Abby Belafsky

Donna Bell

Helene Blumenfeld

Sandy Brown

Stephanie Cahn

Anat Cohen

Peggy David

Ceil Diamond

Marsha Z. Dollinger

Anita Farber

Patricia Feinerman

Ruth Feldman

Judy Franken

Valerie Gladfelter

Amy Green

Sara-ellen Greenberg 

Judy Auritt Klein *

Fran Levy

Marlene L. Levy 

Judy Love

Nancy Morgenstern, Esq.

Judie Morrow

Barbara Pearlman *

Eileen Perice

Judith Platt

Fran Rebhun, D.M.D.

Dr. Mindy Goldberg Rose *

Gerri Rudner

Gerrie Rudoler

Marcy Sanders

Sydria Schaffer, M.D.

Joan Shuster *

Janine M. Sobel, M.D.

Marjorie Sobel *

Elaine Waxman 

Hon. Judith Wizmur

Vicki Zell



Of Blessed Memory

In Partnership with JCF

JWF is a committee of the Funds Development Board of the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey, in partnership with the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. (JCF).


For more information or to become a member, contact Sarah Rowland, Director of Women's Philanthropy, at srowland@jfedsnj.org or 856.673.2543.