Jewish Housewarming Rituals

Q: My brother and his wife are moving into a new home. Aside from hanging a mezuzah, are there any other rituals for a Jewish "house-warming"?

A: Mazel Tov on the new home! Indeed, affixing a Mezuzah on all the required doors is a necessary and important action before moving into one’s home. The blessing is Baruch Atoh...Melech Haolam Asher Kidishanu...Likboah Mezuzah.

There is a beautiful custom to invite family and friends to a festive meal and advance gratitude to G-d for enabling you to reach this day and move into your home. This is called a Chanukat Habayit – a dedication ceremony.

It is also customary to set aside a designated room in the house for study and prayer. Some people also leave an area adjacent to the entrance undone (unpainted) as a remembrance that our Holy Temple in Jerusalem has not yet been rebuilt and is still in ruins.