USY Israel Pilgrimage

820 Second Ave.
11th Floor
New York, NY 10017

P: 212.533.7800 ex. 1146

6 Israel programs for teens currently in grades 10-12:

Israel Adventure - 4 week trip across Israel

Adventure Plus - 5 week trip in Israel; 4 weeks of Israel Adventure plus a week participating in either Gadna, simulated Israeli army training, or an exclusive photography class in the Tel Aviv area

L'Takayn Olam - 4 week trip; teen travel to and engage in service projects around Israel

Poland/Israel Pilgrimage - 5 week trip; 1 week in Poland exploring and learning about the Holocaust and the history of Polish Jewry, and 4 weeks in Israel

Eastern Europe/Israel Pilgrimage - 6 week trip; 2 weeks in Eastern Europe, exploring the history and cultures of Germany, the Czech Republic, and Poland, and 4 weeks in Israel