A message Israel: Ella Rosenthal, past ShinShinim

On Saturday morning we woke up to an absolute nightmare!

Hundreds if not thousands of terrorists broke into Israel from Gaza, thousands of rockets fired on the southern and central parts of Israel. Right now there are still a lot of missing people and soldiers that no one heard from them for over 2 days now.

The people of Israel combined together in this awful time. More than 300,000 people show up for reserves in the army including my dad and my cousins and the others are helping with collecting supplies for them and hosting families that lost their houses and their families close to the border.

But like in every war we have a lot of victims. People from my grade, my town and friends of friends that lost their lives while keeping us safe or still missing.

It’s terrifying hearing all the news but we do all we can do to help. From donating food and money to make sandwiches for soldiers for hours!!

Now more then ever we need you to stand with Israel in this hard time!

Thank you for all your concern and prayers I’m safe and holding up.

I miss you all!

Ella Rosenthal